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Mary Anne Buffone LLC will remain working in compliance with the COVID-19 State of Massachusetts mandates. Below you will find the COVID-19 policies, and the COVID waiver that must be submitted before every appointment. I am grateful to continue offering healing services, let's navigate this as safely as possible. ​

Appointment details: 

  • There is no use of the waiting room.  Dr. Dan Kelly and I have staggered our patients and clients so there is no overlap.  Please wait in your car until you receive a text from me, indicating I am ready for you to come up.  If I have not texted you by the time of your appointment, please call me at 617-650-3336. Please do not bring a guest with you to wait in the office. They must remain outside the building. 

  • Circle Chiropractic is located on the third floor, Suite 300.  The “main” door to the office will be locked. Use the secondary access door, across from the elevator.  This door will remain open at all times, so you may avoid needless contact with surfaces.  Before you enter, I will greet you at the door and take your temperature with a touch free thermometer. 

  • There is ample, complimentary parking in the lots adjacent to and behind the building. There is also free street parking available.  You may enter the building via the front or back door.  You may access the office via stairs or elevator.

  • There is a “public” bathroom on the third floor if you choose to use it. 

  • There will be no access to the water bubbler, please bring your own water. 

  • Please respect my time and Dr. Kelly’s time. We have carefully staggered our patients and clients according to CDC guidelines. Although I cherish our time together, we must keep conversation to a minimum. After your session is complete, leave the office so I can disinfect and prepare for the next person.

  • If you happen to run into another person in the office, please remain 6 feet apart. 



  • The room will be disinfected between each client.  

  • I am using the Dyson Pure Hot & Cool purifying heater and fan for the treatment room. Dr. Kelly has a HEPA filter in the hallway, outside of the treatment room and he has replaced the AC filters with a higher efficiency filter.  We will leave the door slightly ajar for our session (no one will be wandering our way, but it will be louder than normal.

  • You are required to wear a face mask at all times, no exceptions. 

  • If you are wearing gloves, remove them BEFORE entering the office.

  • Be prepared to take off your shoes BEFORE entering the treatment room. There’s a mat where shoes will be stored. 

  • Please wash your hands in the bathroom or use hand sanitizer once you have entered the office. Hand sanitizer will be provided for you, on the corner hutch across from the treatment room. 

  • The state requires me to wear a mask, and apron for each session. The addition of these items are seamless.

  • All intra-oral and nasal techniques are prohibited at this time.


  • Please plan your payment before hand. Write your checks prior to arrival. Have correct amount for cash, there will be no change.  Use Venmo. Place your payment on the corner hutch just outside the treatment room. Do not use Dr. Kelly’s counter.


  • Please self identify symptoms prior to your appointment.  If you have cold or flu like symptoms, especially a cough, sore throat and shortness of breathe or other symptoms suggesting illness or have a temperature above 99.0, stay home.  I am happy to reschedule when you are feeling better. There will be no fees for canceling appointments, due to illness, up to the time of your appointment.  

  • By making and participating in an appointment with me you are agreeing you understand that close contact with people increases the risk of infection from COVID 19. You acknowledge that you are aware of the risks involved and give consent to receive manual therapy from me.  

  • By making and participating in an appointment with me you understand your name and contact information might be shared with the state health department in the event that a client or practitioner at this facility tests positive for COVID 19. Your contact details will only be shared in the event that a client or practitioner at this facility tests positive for COVID 19. Your contact details will only be shared in the event they are relevant based on suspected exposure date, and only for appropriate follow up by health department.

Covid-19 Health Waiver

How are you feeling today?

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